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VTC Size XL (from 1,85m to 1,95m) - Nature Bike

VTC Size XL (from 1,85m to 1,95m)

Price per half day : 26 € / half day
Price per day : 37 € / day.

Caution : don't forget to select "Options" to indicate your choice.

Don't forget to reserve your helmet and accessories on the page "Our accessories".

If you want to book a  day and a half, you need to make two reservations. For example add to cart one afternoon, then add to cart the next day.

For any reservation of more than one day, a charger is provided.

To facilitate your stay all our bikes are equipped:
-a lock attached to the frame
-a smartphone holder
-a bottle cage
- foam inserts in the tires which limit the risk of punctures by more than 90%
- a removable front basket (VTC only)

Nature Bike has selected the Winora Sinus iX10so that your walks are pleasant and comfortable.

Equipped with motor Bosh Performance CX latest generation very powerful and a 500Wh battery, the coasts of our beautiful hilly region will no longer be a problem.

This bike is perfectly equipped for long hikes : its wide tires, lockable fork, lighting and hydraulic disc brakes ensure you optimal comfort and safety.

For even more practicality, Nature Bike has added a front basket, a smartphone holder and an anti-theft deviceattached to the frame.

And if you have young children, it is possible to install on request a baby seat, a two-seater trailer or a follower bike!

Nature Bike has created routes that will allow you to discover the surroundings in a cool way ...

Which size to choose:

Here are the recommendations of Winora:

Size M (44cm), ideal for a person of approximately 1.60m to 1.74m

Size L (48cm), ideal for a person from 1.75m to 1.84m approximately

Size XL (52cm), ideal for a person from 1.85m to 1,94m approximately

However, the morphology of each one can lead to choosing a size different from the theoretical one.